Social Media Graphics & How To Create Them

It’s true when they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you capture the right image, you won’t have to do the talking, the picture will do the talking for you.

Well, what about graphics? Does that follow the same criteria? Yes, they do. If you create a graphic that gets a point across, without saying much, you have done it correctly.

social-media-icons-the-circle-setWhen it comes to creating graphics for social media use, less is always more. Visuals are very important if you are trying to get someone’s attention, therefore, your graphics should be aesthetically pleasing. What we mean by this is NO WORDS, or very few, if any. If a graphic contains words jumbled up all over it, your audience that you are trying to reach is going to scroll right over your post. That’s the truth.

So how do we get our message across and inform our audience if it can’t be on a graphic? Simple, put it in the caption section! Grab an individual’s attention with your graphic, if they are interested and want to find out more about what you have to say, they will read your caption. A graphic is like the hook to a great book, reel them in with an awesome graphic and they will want to seek out more information. The caption section is there for a reason, SO USE IT!

To learn more tips for creating graphics for social media use, click here to read the article 5 Ways to Create Engaging Social Media Graphics.


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