Celebrating Business Women – Because They’re Awesome

Yesterday was National American Business Women’s Day and we went crazy. As businesswomen who love to hustle, we support and admire other women who are the same. To celebrate the occasion, each Conceptual Communications team member chose a woman they idolize in business and explained why these women are so awesome.

Below are five amazing women that everyone should be familiar with.

1. Lauren Conrad

“Lauren Conrad is mostly known for being a TV personality on MTV’s reality show ‘The Hills.’ However, she is much more than just a TV personality. She is also now an author and a fashion designer, and overall, a businesswoman. Lauren is my businesswoman inspiration because at a young age of only 30 years old, she has accomplished so much with coming out with her own clothing line and published multiple books of various genres.

One quote that she is known for is when she was asked what is her favorite position, she responded with “CEO.” She is building a brand around herself and has a driven personality, that is what inspires me.” — Amy Goldberg


2. Mary Katherine Goddard

“MK Goddard is a total boss—and just one example of how women have contributed to their professions and society in general throughout history. She was cracking glass ceilings in 1766, and even when she was removed from her professional roles because she was a woman, she still bounced back by running her own bookstore.” — Jessica Chesler


3. Julie Greenwald

“From ‘chief coffee fetcher’ AKA Intern Julia Greenwald rose to the top of the music business, a predominately male dominated industry, through asking questions, fixing problems, hard work and sacrifice. Greenwald is an excellent example of a successful businesswoman who climbed top of her industry utilizing her intelligence, creativity and determination.” — Joyce Mealey


4. Sheryl Sandberg

“Sheryl Sandberg has made it her mission to permanently raise the voices of working women everywhere. She is a leader who has eloquently conveyed that women deserve a seat at the boardroom table.” — Laurie Menekou


5. Oprah Winfrey

“Oprah Winfrey is one of my role models because she is a powerhouse, go-getter, and overall she uses her influence for the greater good in society.” — Andrea Richard


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