Entrepreneurial Women Take Over The Podcast World

When growing your career in the world of business, every ounce of information that is passed along to you is worth your while. Whether it is advice on how to network, inside information about the industry you’re interested in, or what steps you can take to become successful, it should all stick with you and be executed if you are serious about “expanding your empire.”

A few ways to gain this knowledge is by joining clubs and organizations that you’re interested in, going to events where there are influential speakers, or maybe just Googling the tips and tricks of business. If none of those sound interesting to you, I have good news. There’s a new way to get these nuggets of knowledge–from professionals I might add. Who better to get entrepreneurial guidance from than entrepreneurs themselves?

Forbes just recently launched “Forbes Podcasts” where the main target audience is millennial women who have an interest in entrepreneurship.

The hosts of the different podcast shows are mostly women, all of which have had successful careers. The podcast shows cover a variety of topics, such as career highs and lows, personal experiences, and starting a business on the side. What ever topic you are interested in, there’s a podcast for you.

So for all of the times that you are listening to music–on your way to work, in the gym, or who knows, maybe you listen to music when you’re in the shower–maybe press play on an inspirational podcast instead. It might get you pumped up to go out and accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Check out Forbes Podcasts here: www.forbes.com/podcasts


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