Our Top 10 – Happy Holidays!

Conceptual CommunicationsCan you believe the holidays are here!? Our December team meeting at Conceptual Communications was filled with to-do lists and chatter about all we have going on in the New Year, but we did take 10 minutes to compile this top 10 list of the things we love most during the holidays – every team member submitted their favs, check them out below & Happy Holidays!

1) Enjoying amazing food (that I cook) and relaxation.

2) It’s Florida so hitting the water and going fishing just because we can and its enjoyable is a top priority during the holiday break – fresh fish tacos are coming!

3) Seeing all of the holiday decorations and watching favorite movies especially – Christmas Vacation

4) Delicious food and spending time with family

5) Just that magical “something” about this time of year and all of the good deeds that go along with the Christmas spirit!

6) Spending time with the family is a priority for the holiday break. We try to keep things festive by taking outings together to look at holiday lights or visit a fair.

7) I look forward to getting some me-time to catch up on all the shows I missed over the past few months – Hulu/Netflix marathons are a must!

8) Mom’s homemade cream puffs – yuuuuummmmmm!

9) Giving gifts that rock!

10) Peppermint martinis 🙂

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