Like or Dislike Facebook’s Newest Decision?

Facebook dislikeMark Zuckerberg said during a Q&A event on Thursday that Facebook considered adding a “dislike” button, but decided it would be too negative. Instead, the company is looking for a different button that would express a sentiment similar to “dislike,” but not encourage users to effectively vote against posts that they don’t enjoy.

Here at Conceptual Communications we understand that the whole purpose of social media is to encourage folks to speak their mind and engage with people, companies, products, etc. Clients who are fearful of being on Facebook and casted in a negative light or called out by their friends on Facebook always receive some version of this response from our team:

“If people are thinking negatively about your brand or service, it is much more valuable for you to know about it and be able to immediately respond and try to remedy it. Chances are they are having those pissed off unhappy conversations conversations with their friends, on social media sites and blogs regardless of your choice to be engaged on social media.”

In our opinion, a dislike button is probably not needed, because if a customer or friend is unhappy,  they have two more powerful options for disclosure of their discontent already at their disposal – the comment and share buttons.


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