How Artwork Can Make A Story

It’s true. A picture really is worth a thousand words. So why not take advantage of that concept when writing stories and pitches? We’ll show you how artwork, whether it’s a photo, illustration or graphic, can enhance any story you write.

First impressions

Boston Magazine cover: Boston Magazine

By definition, a cover is the first thing a person sees, whether you need a cover for a magazine, business proposal or anything in between. It gives a reader a feel for the tone that follows, making it the first impression a reader will receive.

When the editorial and art team at Boston Magazine were creating their May 2013 cover image, they couldn’t have imagined what was to take place on April 15, 2013. The Boston Magazine team literally stopped the presses to create their cover, which has now become an indelible vision of how the Boston Marathon bombing brought the city together amidst tragedy. The image, a gripping photograph of the hundreds of shoes worn by Boston Marathon runners that together formed an embracing heart, went on to win award after award for its poignant visual.

Headline + Image = Great Teamwork

Philadelphia Magazine spread: Philadelphia Magazine

They say that behind every great headline is a great photo. These days, with such an overload of sensory touchpoints, it’s near impossible for the written word alone to capture a busy person’s attention. Words by themselves may prove challenging when fighting against the massive sea of visuals that’s constantly being tossed at a person. But a combination of an engaging image plus a clever headline could be the trick that pulls a reader into your story or pitch.

Headlines and a lead photo often work in tandem to make a successful intro and lead in to a story. Philadelphia Magazine took that chance with this headline “Statistic Suggest at Least One Player in this Pile is Gay.” Sure, the headline alone is pretty provocative, but directing it so that the viewer sees the photo is a clever way to combine the forces of both words and image to make for one powerful introduction.


Infographic Why You Need Them: Infolicious

Let’s face it: Sometimes a heavy dose of information, facts and figures can be a little overwhelming to even the most capable reader. That’s where infographics come into play, alleviating the burden of overly convoluted, hard-to-understand explanations.

Infographics have made seemingly massive amounts of data easier to digest with just a quick look. Oftentimes these infographics are displayed in a visually stimulating and engaging manner, drawing people to read the story and in turn making a lasting impact.



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