RedEYE: Bringing Art to Life

What if you had the chance to see art brought to life right in front of your own eyes? Rather than seeing the sculpture of David six centuries after Michelangelo created it, seeing it constructed in front of your own eyes. Or witnessing van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painted by the master himself, watching every brushstroke swept onto the canvas.

South Florida has had the chance to do that with RedEYE’s annual reception, displaying live performances by the area’s finest visual artists. Now in its ninth year, RedEYE at ArtServe combines street art with digital art, music, dance, indie short films, fashion and food trucks for a memorable night celebrating the art community. For one night, the normally pristine, postcard-perfect city of Fort Lauderdale is taken over by an urban edginess generally reserved for neighboring Wynwood district and, even closer to home, FATVillage.

If RedEYE is anything, it’s unconventional. Dubbed an “art tour de force” by its organizers, RedEYE gives guests the chance to witness live art creation taking place in real time. Innovative pieces come to life, and all five senses are piqued.

One of ArtServe’s highly anticipated events, RedEYE fulfills the nonprofit’s overall mission to provide opportunities to turn emerging artists’ talents into a business, cultivating relationships for these artists and the business community. In essence, ArtServe has become a quasi-arts incubator since its creation nearly a quarter-century ago. Several ArtServe members go on to show at RedEYE, in front of the very people who afforded them the chance to display their talents.

This year’s reception takes place July 19 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., with the actual exhibit running from July 7 to August 15. General admission tickets are available as well as VIP tickets, which allow guests to enjoy a private reception with drinks and light bites.



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