Conceptual Communications Finds a New Home Full of Creative Energy

Communications, Marketing and Branding is all about creativity – and Conceptual Communications has moved into a new space, called General Provision, that allows those creative juices to flow! With wooden desks, unicycle seats, telephone booths and more, this unique studio-like workspace is perfect for our young and hip company.
General Provision is home to an exciting artistic culture in the burgeoning FAT Village arts district right in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Located just two doors down from C&I Studios – a full service media company specializing in graphic design, photography and video – which also hosts a famed “hipster” coffee shop, Brew Urban Next Door, General Provision is FAT Village’s most popular co-working space.  This shared space is perfect for companies, like ours,that have a passion for innovative creativity. “Built Not Bought” the motto of the space and vision of founder Tim Hasse and the entire Trim Agency team perfectly compliments the neighborhood.  With our company finding its home in such an inspired environment, we are even more ready to provide a unique and fresh perspective on communications strategies that will drive the continued success of our clients.
Want to check out our new digs at General Provision? FAT Village’s monthly Artwalk event occurs on the last Saturday of every month – come visit us!

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