Like Baiting Posts Are Out and Real Content is In

I really like my Facebook news feed to be a combination of news items that interest me and posts about what my friends are doing. It’s all about receiving the information I want at that particular moment in time. While I know that Facebook does not know how to read my mind, I am sometimes disappointed by what I find in my Facebook news feed. From time to time, it gets congested with annoying “like baiting” posts. So I thought I would use this bog post as an opportunity to thank Facebook for finally doing something about this.

According to Facebook, a “Like-Baiting” post is: When a post explicitly asks Newsfeed readers to like, comment or share the post in order to get additional distribution beyond what the post would normally receive.

People often respond to posts asking them to take an action, and this means that these posts get shown to more people, and get a more prominent placement, higher up in their news feed. However, when we survey people and ask them to rate the quality of these stories, they report that “like-baiting” stories are, on average, 15% less relevant than other stories with a comparable number of likes, comments and shares. Over time, these stories diminish the Facebook experience for the user because they drown out content from friends and pages that user is really into.

So Facebook is now cracking down on this. Because well…”Ain’t nobody got time for that.” And all of us at Conceptual Communications are huge fans of how the Facebook algorithm is changing bringing more important news stories to the top of our news feeds while dropping less important things, such as Memes, lower on the feed.

This also makes room for real people, real companies (like our clients Sun Trolley, Moms Helping Moms, The Fort Lauderdale Historical Society and so many others) and real advertisers to help increase their reach with good content.

Until next time,
The Social Media Guy


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