Meet “The New Guy” Benjamin Sandler, Social Media Expert

So…being the new guy on the block here at Conceptual Communications is kind of a big deal (at least for me). I have settled into my position nicely over the past few months.  As some of you might know I am the Social Media Expert for Conceptual Communications, and I’m a bit different than “most” Social Media Managers.

I don’t come from a strict Social Media background.  While it’s true that my degree is in Communications, I hadn’t set out to spend my days on Facebook and Twitter, but soon realized that my creative side enjoyed finding new ways to spark engagement between our clients’ brands, their customers and potential customers.

In my world, I like to think of Social Media as a conversational medium that gives people a chance to get involved, offer their opinion and create a connection with you (because I’d rather talk about how your product or service can help your customers). 

Having the ability to write in many voices and with social cues being so limited online, it is essential that I, as a social media manager, be hypersensitive to the “energy in the room” so to speak.  I’m as good of a listener as a speaker and very much apply that to my approach.  I am also very passionate about the work I do.  This doesn’t mean I get all worked up when something I try doesn’t get the response that I expect, this simply means I want to create something amazing for each one of our clients. 

In my spare time I enjoy long walks on the beach and moonwalking in my sleep down long dirt roads.  I look forward to sharing my skills and expertise to benefit the clients of this not so ordinary marketing and pr firm and working with the entire Conceptual Communications team!



As we say here

Kind “Innovative” Regards,

Benjamin Sandler

Social Media Expert 


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