Is Your Website Relevant?

Simple question – sometimes not so simple answer?

So by now everyone knows that they need a website to effectively promote their company, their product, their five cats that are their “babies” etc etc.  – right? And while iWeb, Weebly and dozens of other DIY website platforms are popping up at lightening speed proving how easy one could create a website,  I thought we could address one specific item and that is – relevancy.

Conceptual CommunicationsNow before we get into it, I should come clean and let you all know that this week’s blog post is inspired by one of our Conceptual Communications’ clients. The Conceptual team and I had the privilege of helping this client, who we will call “Webster” (no pun intended), assess and think through her website while she was still in the early stages with her web development team.

What do I want to accomplish as a business owner?
This is the first question one should ask themselves before they cannonball into the web development swimming pool. Ah yes, what do I want to accomplish – such an important question. In the case of Webster, her goal is to expand her business into other cities throughout the county. And in enters the dreaded chicken and the egg scenario  – does one make the choice to expand and hope a new audience or long line of clients will follow or does one wait for interest from potential clients and then expand?

How can my website help me accomplish my business goals?
In Webster’s case she needed to have interest in order to expand into other cities. As her marketing consultant team – we of course said “Awesome – how are you tracking who is interested in other cities throughout the county?” Seems only logical that if  a certain level of interest is required that this should be tracked in some way.  And the response….. “I am not currently tracking this.”

Thank goodness for the genius who invented field forms for websites – because this solution was like the holy grail for Webster. In order to track who’s interested, we decided to place a field form right on the website making it easy for potential customers to provide feedback via field form.  Now, when a customer who visits the website from another city clicks on “Locations We Serve” – he or she is hit with an important message: “Don’t see your city listed? Please fill out the field form below (which simply includes name, email and city).”

A Website Can Be Relevant!
Thanks to Webster’s openness to share her goals with us we were able to make her website relevant – relevant for achieving her goals as a business owner. And thanks to the field form, Webster will know when she has the right number of interested clients in other cities so she can better plan for the expansion of her business.

“Relevant” Lessons
1) Prior to a website development (no matter how in depth) – determine what your business goals are

2) Think of how your website can help you achieve those goals

3) Take the steps necessary to Include the appropriate information and tools on your website that will help you attain those goals


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