A New DIY Marketing and Branding Tool to Help New Business Owners Brand and Market Themselves Online

Ok, so you start a new business and then what? Most people devise a business plan and then begin meeting with potential clients to drum up new business right?!

One question I have been asked  many times over through the years is – “how do I control my SEO and online brand?” And the million dollar answer is: You can digitally brand your new business as long as you know what to do, how to do it and when.

We have to assume that when we leave a potential client meeting that the person is either going to Google your new company’s name or your name right? I mean, I have girlfriends and boyfriends that Google the heck (keeping it PG for the kids) out of the person’s name who they are going on a casual first date with. So, when asked to help devise a solution to this uneasy feeling at the bottom of new business owners’ stomachs, I (Laurie Menekou, President and Founder of Conceptual Communications) decided to present 8-Step Success: Professional Online Branding.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to partner with Str84word Productions to be able to offer this DIY branding, marketing and social media solution at an affordable price point ($99.95). In just 30-minutes the viewer is provided with 8 simple, chronological steps (that cost nothing but a little time) leading to positive search engine results.8 Step Success

You are probably thinking, “well can’t I just log onto YouTube and watch a video for free instead of purchasing 8-Step Success?” The issues with that are credibility and time. What new business owner has hours of time to spend sifting through “homemade” short clips on YouTube? The answer needs to be credible, concise yet comprehensive and that is what 8-Step Success: Professional Online Branding is.



Eight Ways 8-Step Success: Professional Online Branding
Can Help New Business Owners

  1. ‘Stack’ Google results in YOUR favor
  2. Position you as an expert in your field
  3. Market your attributes to current and potential business contacts
  4. Transform you into your own publicist
  5. Garner media coverage that will increase your SEO
  6. Earn accolades that lead to more media coverage
  7. Leverage social media to promote your professional brand
  8. Save you time and the hassle of sifting through endless ‘sound bites’ of information and reading long, boring “how to” books

Right now 8-Step Success: Professional Online Branding is available by DVD – a beautifully, professionally shot DVD (might I add) with some creative spunk (not like other boring tutorials out there). So check it out and let me know what you think http://www.8stepsuccess.com.


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