Add Surveys to your Marketing Toolkit

“Why guess when you can just ask” – is just one of my most famous lines that I repeat to my clients on a fairly consistent basis.  As countless company executives and marketing gurus often sit around the table and devise ways to connect with our clients – I am always brought back to the foundation of marketing which rests on primary research. The FREE online survey technology offered to us by Survey Monkey, QuestionPro, Survey Gizmo and a host of other providers allows companies to save time and money when it comes to obtaining market research.

So here’s the main point of today’s post: Use online surveys to inform your stakeholders

Three additional uses for your online surveys:

  • Provide information about your company, product or organization to your stakeholders
  • Heighten awareness
  • Promote upcoming events

To help clarify I am going to offer a few examples:

Several clients of ours host annual signature events. Now, we all know that “save the date” magnets and postcards and what not are sent out to lock people down ahead of time – pretty common practice. Here is where surveys can be a huge help. Even a short, 5-question online survey to your invite list and those who attended last year can be used to spark up awareness and excitement for the event.

Questions such as:

1) Please indicate what type of entertainment you would like to see during the cocktail hour at this year’s signature event “XYZ” on August 14, 2013?

a) Fortune Tellers and Tarrot Card Readers

b) A Local High School Drum Line

c) Break dancers

d) Magician, jugglers and fire throwers

2) Which type of cuisine is most appealing to you?

a) Chique French

b) Zesty Italian

c) Station Dining: Sushi Bar, Pasta Bar, Salad Bar, Raw Seafood Bar

d) Mouthwatering Moroccan

Questions like the above help ignite excitement about your event while offering valuable feedback. They help secure a place in people’s mind by offering information while simultaneously gathering feedback.

Provide Information

The simple task of reminding members or customers of their membership benefits or add-ons can be challenging. Why not use a survey to inadvertently accomplish this – kill two birds with one stone if you will! By adding in a simple question like the below you are not only soliciting feedback from members but offering information about what member-benefits they are entitled to.

Which member benefits do you value most?

a) Discounts at local restaurants

b) One free ticket to a broadway show

c) A subscription to our monthly magazine

d) Free admission to one of our 10 partner museums

Bonus Tip: Don’t feel like creating a whole survey ? Sample your audience on social media! Create weekly talk-back questions – you will be shocked at how responsive people are and how truthful their answers will be.


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