Avoiding a Website Horror

In this day in age your website is everything. You have a company or a program or an idea and you don’t have a website – well you may as well just be invisible. A website is your credibility, your platform of dignity that says “hello world, I am legitimate.” Now, I know what you are thinking, how you have heard plenty of tales of bogus websites set up by con artists to in some way fool the masses and yes, while that is true – I am only talking about the legitimate companies and organizations out there – those like my clients.

I don’t know what is happening lately but so many of our newer clients we begin working with have SERIOUS website issues – some of their sites are brand new, right out of the development server and they are just poorly developed and not secure.

Imagine your a business owner and you just paid a web developer anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or in some cases $100,000 for a new website only to find out your site is inefficient and not working properly. I am not talking about the “Oh but I wanted this color, or this icon on the left instead of the right,” or even “why isn’t my blog on my homepage, doesn’t everyone know that’s where it should go by now??!!”

No, I am talking about an e-commerce business with a broken shopping cart function so that right out of the gate not one single order can be completed, I am talking about changes to core code whereas if the site were updated, the whole template would break and go back to its original form, I am talking about setting up passwords such as “admin” on open code software and allowing the site to be hacked so that the only SEO it’s achieving is boosting viagra sales in Canada!

So what can one do – you think you are a smart persona and good judge of character, you meet with the website development company’s rep and they show you other sites they have developed, you sign on the dotted line, provide all the info they request only to end up in a mess – asking yourself “where did I go wrong?”

This my friend, is where many smart business owners find themselves. And the best advice I can offer is, contract with someone to manage your web redesign. Someone who will act as the conduit between you and the developer. How do you find this person, go with someone you know in the business or someone who is referred to you by someone you know and trust.

Yes in today’s world many make the argument to cut out the middle man, but when it comes to developing your website, the foundation of your company or organization, a communications consultant is just the ticket! http://www.prbroward.com


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